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05 August 2013 @ 07:37 am
Stories from P4WS  
The fund-raise is to help animals under the roof of Barbara Janssen in P4WS.

The aim of the dog shelter is to provide a home for stray and abandoned dogs in Penang where we are able to provide care and rehabilitation until they find their permanent homes. We have a no kill policy and provides continued care for animals whose age or disability may make them less likely to be adopted. There are currently over 250 dogs in our care at Teluk Bahang. All of the dogs have been found on the streets of Penang. Many are puppies where their mothers are unable to care for their young, dogs that are abandoned by their owners or have been injured in a road accident.

These are a few of the amazing stories from P4WS!


This little guy here is Hampton, the dog whose ear was detached from his head after being poured with hot boiling water! He was in extreme pain and was quite aggressive when the volunteer first met him at the vet. After just only a few days at P4WS, according to Barbara, he is one of the friendliest dogs around. Though his wound is still raw and painful, volunteers have no problem bathing him. Love and kindness melt even the hardest soul.


Doris was neglected for a long time by her owner, so she has severe internal and external problems. P4WS is helping to clear her gut and boost her liver's health. Lots of treatment still needed for her skin and also her spine. However, she is better compared to when she first came.


Simon, the dog was buried in the beach with only his head above the surface. Whoever that had done such a thing intended to drown poor Simon when there was high tide. Simon struggled until he was paralyzed and badly wounded. Simon was rescued by 2 foreigners and taken into P4WS by Barbara. He fought for his life, hoping to get another chance to live but his injuries were too severe that he didn't make it! (Rest in Peace, Simon!)


A pedigree dog was abandoned at a jungle, near Botanical Garden, tied to a tree with a string by the owner for 3 days. A regular jogger witnessed the owner tying the dog up on the first day. The owner's excuse was that he was going for a jog and will be back for the dog later. After 3 days, the dog was still at the same spot; scared, confused, unkempt and weak from hunger and thirst. The jogger rescued the dog and sent him to P4WS.
Barbara named him Max. Max is still too traumatized by the abandonment that even Barbara cannot touch him. He looked healthy and suspected to be between 2-5 years in age. Barbara believes that given time, Max can be rehabilitated.


Annie, was a hit and run victim. Her tiny, fragile puppy's leg was badly injured. Despite medical treatment, Annie's leg could not be cured. The vet recommended amputation as she has to drag her hind leg whenever she walks. It increases the risk of further damage to the injured paw and infection. However, P4WS is not giving up on her; they've decided to buy her an orthopedic dog boot and it comes in different sizes. As she grows, it is needed to change the boots and said boots was generously donated!


This is a beautiful pet dog. His name is Cheddar. His family moved away from the apartment with him and 3 other dogs. However, he appeared days later, alone, at the old home. Kind and helpful neighbors tried to contact the owner but to no avail. They fed him and waited for the family to come back for Cheddar. But it never happened. Meanwhile the apartment management made a big fuss and threatened to take action. 4PAWS took Cheddar in. Though Cheddar has a roof over his head and daily meals, he is not happy. A shelter with more than 250 dogs is not a place for a pampered pet dog. He waits longingly and forlornly at the gate of 4PAWS for his owner daily. The worst feeling is not being lonely, but being forgotten by someone you can’t forget.

It is very heartbreaking and sad that Cheddar the handsome dog passed away. He just became sick suddenly and Barbara rushed him to the vet. He was put on a drip and the next morning, he just passed away. There was no prior warning and it happened so quickly. Even the vet had no chance to come out with a diagnosis. Everyone that knows Cheddar, felt the sadness. Especially Barbara. She is very heartbroken because Cheddar held a very special place in her heart. 4PAWS’ tried very hard to find him a new home, but it was never meant to be.

Cheddar’s story shows that not all dogs are suitable for a life in the shelter. Pedigree and pet dogs that are not tough enough, get sick easily. Puppies and sick dogs are given vitamins and special supplements daily by Barbara to boost their immune system. However, some illness gives no prior notice. Cheddar waited every day by the gate for his owner to come for him. Sadly, it didn’t happen. He died with a broken heart. Rest in peace dear Cheddar, the handsome boy.


This dog is named Helen by Barbara. She was found painfully tied to a lamp post of 1 September 2013. Her legs were bleeding all over and her hind right leg was fractured. She is believed to be somebody’s pet dog, knocked down by a car. When found by a kind Samaritan, Helen was wearing a nice collar. Helen’s leg was badly broken and a metal was inserted to help her heal. She is now discharged but need special care for weeks.


This poor dog met with an accident in Kedah and was found by Mr Max Lim. SPCA Kedah then rescued the dog and sent it to the vet. The dog was given medication for the nerves in hopes that she would regain the use of her back legs. After 3 days, there was no sign of improvement and she developed Haematuria (blood in the urine). An x-ray was taken and she was found to have a fracture of the vertebrae. She has no feeling at all in her back legs, no control of her bladder and no control of her bowel movements. Her bladder needs to be manually pressed 4-5 times a day and feces removed manually every 2 days.She needs to go urgently to UPM in Selangor for surgery. Barbara visited the dog at the vet yesterday and she has agreed to take up the case. After surgery, the dog will need special care and physiotherapy treatment by Barbara. Under Barbara’s care, there are dogs that were not able to walk recovered fully. She is not giving up on this dog!

More stories to come!

Feel like doing something for P4WS and their fluffy friends? Come join our fund-raise here
yukiko_makoto: Popcorn no arashiyukiko_makoto on September 24th, 2013 06:22 am (UTC)
I felt sorry for Cheddar..
Hope that all of them are fine there..